April Fool's Day In Fairy Valley!

Hello there to all my lovely readers! It's me, Fairy Venetia here, back with more news from the most magical place in the world, Fairy Valley! As always, if it's happening in the Valley, you'll find out about it right here.

April Fool's Day!

It's almost the 1st of April, which as you should know, is April Fool's Day! This is a tradition that humans have where they like to be a bit silly and play tricks on each other. We fairies are always silly and having fun so that's just a normal day for us, but ever since we started living with humans, we like to join in the fun on the 1st of April as well.
I have enjoyed some pranks in recent years, like when our friends at The Irish Fairy Door Company announced they were releasing a new version of the Worry Plaque for dogs, called the Furry Plaque! That really tickled me!

I also remember when someone put cling film (or saran wrap) over the Heart-Shaped Lake here in Fairy Valley, and when someone tried to jump in, they started to bounce instead! It became the #1 attraction in the Valley that year, everybody wanted to bounce on the lake!
I also heard of some humans who did something similar to play a trick on their fairy, involving an eggcup and lots of Cheerios!

I hope my human and fairy readers have lots of fun playing tricks on each other on April Fool's Day and to all the humans out there, remember: we fairies have a great sense of humour so we will enjoy whatever you come up with!

Fairy Valley Really Does Have Talents!

Recently, I had the great honour of attending the first EVER Fairy Valley Has Talents Grand Final here in Fairy Valley. It was quite a star-studded event - as well as Bob the Dancing Fairy, Pixie (from Pixie & The Pepperpots) and Fawna the unicorn who were on the panel, I spotted lots of familiar faces in the audience. Even Miffy the Orange Fairy was there! And I also spotted Evie Bee and Laylabelle, who my human readers might recognise as two of the Fairy Friends!
Well I must say, every single finalist did an exceptional job! The panel had an extremely hard task on their hands deciding a winner, but when their votes were combined with the public vote, the winner was announced to be... Poppy, the Super Duper Hula Hooper!

Her Hula Hooping really was Super Duper, and she was a very deserving winner! Well done Poppy and her human, Bria from Offaly in Ireland.
Plus, I can exclusively reveal that Fairy Valley Has Talents will be back - so fairies, get practicing!! 

What everyone's asking this week...

"Where can I get a butterboard??" It's the latest craze here in the Valley! Fairies have been spotted zooming around, standing on yellow petals. Well, I can tell you, any fairy who wants to have their very own butterboard should just ask their humans to keep an eye out for any buttercups. One petal from a buttercup contains a lot of speedy magic for us fairies - remember to add two blades of grass to use as safety straps and half an acorn shell as a helmet of course!

Once you have these items, you too can ride your butterboard all over the place! Oh and if any humans are wondering what we fairies look like when we're on our butterboards, check out these two fantastic drawings from two very talented humans!

Well that's about all for me for now, my lovelies. Oh, one more thing, my contacts at The Irish Fairy Door Company have told me they have a very special, FAIRY exciting announcement coming very soon, so keep an ear out for that!! I wonder what it could be... 
Until next time!

V xoxo

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