Did You Know...? Amazing Fairy Facts!

Fairies are fascinating creatures! There are so many interesting and unusual facts about them that we have heard, so we thought we would share some of them with you! 

If you already know all of these, then you are definitely a huge fairy fan! Maybe you have some facts of your own that you would like to share? If so, we would love to hear them! You can send them to us at magic@theirishfairydoorcompany.com. So without further ado... let's go!

Fact #1: Fairies like to travel in bubbles!

Of course fairies have wings, so they can fly around wherever they want, but sometimes they feel a bit tired - or even a little bit lazy, just like humans! So when they feel like this, they love to hop into a passing bubble. Travelling by bubble is a very relaxing activity, and they sometimes fall asleep inside the bubble!

Not all bubbles are slow though - in fact there is a transport network in Fairy Valley called the Bubbledash, which uses a slingshot system. If a fairy is running late for something on the other side of the Valley, they hop in and are catapulted into the air!

Fact #2: Fairies smell like strawberries!

It's quite a curious thing that nobody has been able to get to the bottom of (that we know!), but all fairies have a slight scent of strawberries. Be alert: if you ever walk into a room and smell a strawberry smell, a fairy could be there! If this happens, close your eyes and say out loud "A human is here! Fly to safety!"

Of course as we know, fairies will lose some of their magic if they are seen by a human, so this is the best way to let the fairy know that they can safely hide from view!

Fact #3: Your fairy likes the same things as you!

Fairies are matched so perfectly to their humans that they will share interests! So any hobbies you might have, your fairy probably has the same one - or would like to!

They also love the same music as you, because when they are sitting on your pillow watching your dreams, they hear the songs that are going around your head, and any song you love is their favourite song! Your fairy would love it if you were to sing your favourite song into their door - even if they're asleep, it will make them smile.

Fact #4: Fairies don't use money!

Although fairies will sometimes leave money when they collect a tooth, they have absolutely no use for it themselves, and in fact find the human fascination with money to be quite silly!

How do they pay for things in Fairy Valley, you might be wondering? Well it's very simple indeed - they pay in hugs and high fives! So when they go shopping along Lavender Lane in Fairy Valley, it means they don't have to carry a wallet or purse like we do!

Fact #5: Fairies can speak all languages!

When fairies are in Fairy School, they don't know yet which country they will be living with their humans in, so it's important to study all languages in the world! This sounds like it could take an awfully long time but fairies are very quick learners, and when you add a little bit of fairy magic, you'd be surprised how quickly you can learn!

Maybe you could ask your fairy to write a note in another language to see if they can remember what they studied at Fairy School? We are sure they would give it a go!!

Fact #6: Queen Kate loves visiting fairies all around the world!

As we know, Queen Kate is the Queen of all fairies, but she definitely dosn't like to sit around being pampered. She is in fact very down-to-earth, and loves to speak to as many fairies as she can, especially those living in human homes around the world.

Every year, Queen Kate goes on a world tour of fairies' human homes, and while she can't visit every single fairy every time (there are just so many!), she does her best to stop by as many homes as she can.

If you ever find rose petals around your fairy door, you will know she has been to see your fairy - and she will have flown to your bedside as well to say hello!

Fact #7: Worries are very useful to fairies!

You or someone you know might have a Worry Plaque or a 'No More Worries' Kit - these magical items allow fairies to take a human's worry away! But what you might not know is that the fairies take that worry and grind it up into a magical dust which they can then use to grant a wish to another child somewhere in the world. We think that's pretty cool!!

Fact #8: Your fairy will grow - with your help!

Not everybody knows this, but it's true... The more a fairy feels loved by their human, the more they will grow! Not quite as tall as Ginger the Giant Fairy of course - they still need to be able to fit through their fairy door!

Why not print off this Love-O-Meter (or you could make one yourself by coping it!) and ask your fairy to measure themselves against it - then you can keep track of how tall they become!

Fact #9: Your fairy is great friends with your pets!

If you have an animal in your home, you can be sure that they are friends with your fairy - or fairies! Fairies don't lose any of their magic if they are seen by an animal, so they love to have fun with them while the humans are asleep! If you have a hamster or another small pet, your fairy will even invite them into their home!

If you have a dog or a cat who starts acting a little strangely, that probably means that your fairy is around!

Fact #10: Your fairy is ALWAYS there for you!

Sometimes your fairy can't write notes as often as they or you would like them to. There's actually a condition called Elsa's Elbow that makes a fairy's elbow tingle every time they try to write a note, which makes them giggle uncontrollable! These fairies have been given a special magic dust that helps them to step inside your dreams and communicate with you that way!

So don't worry if you haven't heard from your fairy in a while. They still love receiving your notes and pictures, and they will always be looking after you - no matter what.


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