Fairy Valley Has Talents - Finalists Revealed!

We received SO many entries for the first ever Fairy Valley Has Talents show!! Queen Kate wanted us to tell you that she has seen each and every entry, and she is so very proud of all the fairies who entered - and their humans too! 

We are excited to announce the 10 finalists who will be taking part in the Fairy Valley Has Talents Final - and guess what else? Along with the judging panel on the night of the show, you the humans have a special vote too! So read all about the finalists below, and if you have a favourite, email us at magic@theirishfairydoorcompany.com to let us know! 

The final takes place on Thursday 14th March in the heart of Fairy Valley, so please send us your votes by Wednesday 13th! And all fairies are invited to attend, of course!! 

Finalist #1: Fairy Grace

Nominated by: Róisín 

Lives in: Frankfurt, Germany

Her human says: My fairy is called Grace and she is lovely. I write to her and I love it when she writes back. Grace is very talented! She is the best baker ever! Nobody can bake like she can and she keeps her recipes secret! The picture shows her kitchen where she has already baked 5 bread rolls!

Finalist #2: Fairy Belle

Nominated by: Catherine

Lives in: Virginia, USA

Her human says: Belle, who is an athletic fairy, would like to perform her running. She can run faster than a car can drive at it’s maximum speed. Of course, her wings help her with that, but she always stays completely on the ground! I believe she may be the fastest fairy in Fairy Valley. I’ve attached a picture of her sprinting by her fairy door.


Finalist #3: Fairy Drake

Nominated by: Laura & Cade

Lives in: Virginia, USA/Ontario, Canada

Her human says:  Hi, we are Laura & Cade and we would like Queen Kate to see our fairy Drake perform his talent! We have attached pictures of the obstacle course we built for him, it consists of tests for speed, jump height and agility without using his wings! He gets faster and faster at completing this course. Soon we will have to build a more challening one.


Finalist #4: Fairy Blossom

Nominated by: Molly

Her human says: She would love to perform in front of the amazing, beautiful Queen Kate on the show Fairy Valley got talent! Blossom is a recently new fairy and she lives in my holiday home and has a lovely purple door. She always writes letters on time, but when she is not writing she is competing in blueberry juicing. She has to stamp on blueberries and then collect the juice and pour it into a glass on the table. The fairy with the mist full glass wins. Not only has Blossom won many awards for her hobby but also has she won an award for the fasted blueberry juice squasher. 


Finalist #5: Fairy Annabelle

Nominated by: Sophie

Lives in: Australia

Her human says: Her chosen talent is the ability to paint flowers any colour of the rainbow. Please look at the picture I have drawn of Annabelle painting flowers.


Finalist #6: Fairy Wavey

Nominated by: Olivia

Lives in: Ottawa, Canada

Their human says: Wavey's talent is juggling bubbles and stars. Here's a picture I drew of Wavey juggling.


Finalist #7: Fairy Rosie

Nominated by: Lila

Lives in: Manitoba, Canada

Her human says: My fairy Rosie has been with me for almost 3 years. She’s very talented in many things but I left her a note and she left me back a sign that her biggest talent is dancing!! She has a DJ and a disco ball!


Finalist #8: Fairy Blossom

Nominated by: Aisling

Lives in: Drumcondra, Dublin

Her human says: Blossom would love to enter Fairy Valley has Talents!!! She would looovve to do ballet, she says she is really good at it :-) I just did a drawing of Blossom practising her ballet routine as I imagine it. I really hope you like it.  

Finalist #9: Fairy Poppy

Nominated by: Bria

Lives in: Tullamore, Co. Offaly


Finalist #10: Fairy Rose

Nominated by: Sophie

Lives in: Hitchin, England

Her human says: Rose's chosen talent is swimming under water for long distances. Please see the attached picture of her swimming in her garden. I really hope she does well as she is such a kind fairy.


So there we have our amazing 10 finalists!! Remember to email us with your favourite at magic@theirishfairydoorcompany.com - remember there are two fairies named Blossom so be sure to point out which one it is - and we will be in touch next week to let you know who wins!! 

Good luck, everyone!!


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