Summer in Fairy Valley! 

Hello there! It's Fairy Venetia here again, to fill you in on all the latest goings-on in the most magical place in the world, Fairy Valley! As I always say, if it's happening in the Valley, you'll find out about it right here!

If you've spent any time in Fairy Valley lately, you'll have noticed that it's busier than ever! Fairies have come from all around the human world for one very, very special reason: The Fairy Tree Retreat! Lots of very kind humans out there have booked a place for their fairy on the Retreat, which I think is just the loveliest thing to do. All of these fairies have taken a few days off to come back to the Valley to relax and be pampered - and there is nowhere more relaxing than this Retreat!

I caught up with a fairy called Jem to get the scoop on what it's been like.

"It's been amazing," Jem tells me. "I'm so relaxed I feel like I might fall asleep at any second!"

Jem said she was so grateful to her humans Holly and Ben for booking her into the Retreat, but what activities had they picked for her?

"Well the first one was yawning and stretching," says Jem. "That was sooooo relaxing! Like most fairies, I love a good yawn and stretch, but a lot of the time I'm busy looking after my humans Holly and Ben, so I forget all about it! But at the Fairy Tree Retreat, I have my own leaf to lie back on and yawn and stretch to my heart's content!"

"I also had Wing Therapy! This was the most amazing massage for my wings. I had flown all the way from Brisbane in Australia so my wings were a bit tired and overworked! Well, once the highly trained ladybirds were finished with them, they were as good as new!" With that, Jem flutters her wings and I can see that they are sparkling in the midday sun. I'll have to try that treatment for myself!

"Oh and then I did some fairyoke which was the most fun I've had in ages! The song Ben and Holly picked for me was called Shallow. It's got two singing parts, so Nordman the Giant sang it with me! He didn't need a microphone because he's very loud!"

I'd have loved to have heard that one! Thanks Jem for giving me this exclusive interview, and thanks to all the boys and girls for arranging a trip to the Fairy Tree Retreat for their fairy friends!

What everyone's talking about this week...

It's paddling pool mania! A fairy named Billy came back to Fairy Valley with some exciting news recently - his human had made him a paddling pool! When asked how, Billy replied that they had simply taken the lid of a jar, filled it with water and left it outside his door! It turns out this is the perfect size for a fairy paddling pool!

If there are any humans reading this, why not try it yourself? If it's a hot day, just leave the filled upside-down jar lid outside your fairy's door before you go to sleep - all you have to do is make sure it's nice and cold and your fairy will LOVE it! If you see any splashes around the pool, you'll know that they have used it! 

Movie time!

One of the highlights of every summer, it's time for the movie screenings on Mushroom Mound again! I am pleased to be able to reveal the schedule for this week, which you can check out below:

Saturday 10th 6pm
Spider-Fairy: Far From Human Home

Sunday 11th 6pm
The Secret Life Of Humans 2

Monday 12th 6pm
A Fairy Star Is Born

Tuesday 13th 6pm
Fairy Potter and the Goblet of Raisins

And that's it for now. I hope all fairies and humans reading this are having the most magical summer EVER and I be back for more Valley Whispers very soon!

V xoxo

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