Write A Summer Story - Winners Revealed!

Recently, we heard from Wordsworth, the English teach in Fairy School. He wanted some believers in the human world to send in some stories for him to teach at Summer School in Fairy Valley. Well, we heard from him again this week to tell us his favourites! Here's what he had to say...

Warmest salutations once more from Fairy Valley. I must extend my most gracious thanks to every human who wrote a story for this project. I have been spending the last two weeks using every single story to teach my students. They are a very curious group, who had a particular interest in the words 'trampoline', 'whistling' and 'flabbergasted', and now they understand all three words! They wanted me to tell you humans out there that they enjoyed all the stories very much. I am pleased to let you know our favourites, starting with this story called The Fairy Ring. We thought Robyn's story was exciting and very magical. 

The Fairy Ring

By Robyn Lehany-Fee

It was a sunny day. Children were outside riding their bicycles and playing. I myself was on my trampoline jumping and playing around. As I was jumping I noticed my dog, Rex lying on the ground. So I went inside and asked my Mum if I could bring him on a walk. She said yes so I started walking.

It was nice walking down the country road. It was quiet and peaceful almost every day and you were surrounded by nature. Rex squeezed under the fence and started running around one of my grandad’s empty fields. I was looking at some flowers when I suddenly realized that Rex was gone!

I whistled as well as I could to try and call Rex but he didn’t come. So I went into the field to search for him. Alone in the field there was a ring of trees. I went over to them to see if Rex was hiding in there but I could hear something. It sounded like very faint voices and I think they were singing. When I got to the trees, the singing stopped at once. I felt like someone was watching me. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move. Now I knew where I was. I had stumbled into a fairy ring and that was a fairy!

I was flabbergasted. Straight away I closed my eyes. I didn’t want a fairy or fairies losing their magic. Then I felt like the world was spinning. Then everything stopped. When I opened my eyes I was back home standing on my trampoline. I looked over my shoulder and Rex was lying on the ground. That was strange I thought, but it wasn’t. It was magic.

The End

Next is Catherine's story. We thought this gave us all some insight into humans' hobbies and friendships, and it also has a happy ending! 

Sleepaway Camp Friendships

by Catherine Cassidy

Catherine Cassidy was at sleepaway camp. She was so excited!! Her best friend, Reagan Kaleta was there, too. The girls were even in the same cabin! Catherine grabbed a towel and headed outside to meet the counselors. Regan followed her.

“I hope we’re on the same team, Catherine.” Reagan said.

Catherine grinned. “I hope so, too.”

Everyone was on the basketball court, waiting for teams to be assigned. But first, the counselors told the campers the most popular activity.

“It’s the trampoline.” They said. “Sign up for it while you can!”

Then they gave out the teams. When Catherine was called, she waited for Reagan to be assigned on the team as well. But she wasn’t. Catherine was flabbergasted. She and Reagan weren’t on the same team.

Reagan would be on Team Gray.

Then someone tapped Catherine on the back. “Hi! I’m Abby.” The girl smiled. “I’m on your team.”

Catherine grinned back. “It’s nice to meet you, Abby. Let’s be friends.”

From that moment on, Catherine and Abby did everything together. They sat together, they sang together, they were even caught whistling with one another. Together, they were having the time of their life.
But Reagan wasn’t. Even with Catherine in the cabin, she felt all alone. One day, Reagan decided to talk with Catherine. She sat down on her bed and waited.

The cabin door opened, and in came Catherine and Abby, giggling. Reagan quickly stood up.

“What’s up, Reagan?” Catherine asked. “Is something wrong?”

Then Reagan realized that even if Catherine spent more time with someone else, they were still best friends. But maybe they could all have more fun together. “Nope, nothing’s wrong.” She said. “But I have an idea! How about all three of us go to Arts and Crafts together?”

Catherine and Abby looked at each other and grinned. “We’d love that.”

The End

And finally, this story by Laura and Cade Schmidt really made us all smile, so we had to choose it as one of our favourites! 

Well done to all of these authors! And to anyone whose story isn't featured here, rest assured we loved every single one - and all my students keep re-reading them all! So a thousand thanks to one and all. 

Yours faithfully,


If you are one of the lucky authors featured above, please send us an email at magic@theirishfairydoorcompany.com to arrange your prize!

Well done everyone! 

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