The Fairy Who Loved To Read

It was a bright and sunny morning in Fairy Valley. The sun was shining, the butterflies were fluttering in the warm breeze and all the fairies were about to start another magical day in Fairy School.

All, that is, except one. For in the corner of one bedroom in the Valley sat a fairy named Agatha, who was late for school. Very late indeed.

The reason for her lateness was not due to oversleeping, nor was it due to a malfunctioning alarm clock. No, in fact fairy Agatha’s alarm clock was still ringing on her bedside table, but Agatha didn’t notice. She was much too interested in the latest book she was reading, ‘A Tale Of Two Fairies’; it was very exciting and she simply couldn’t put it down.

When she finally finished a chapter, Agatha realised what time it was, put her uniform on it about four seconds flat and dashed through her window, flying to Fairy School as fast as she could. When she arrived, she sheepishly entered the Note-Writing lesson, and whispered “Sorry!” to her teacher, Nancy. “Agatha”, said Nancy, kindly but a little sternly, “this is the third time in two weeks this has happened, and let us not forget you are in your final year. I assume you were reading ‘A Tale Of Two Fairies’ again?” Agatha nodded and said “Chapter Sixteen…”

Nancy had to stop herself smirking in recognition. ‘A Tale Of Two Fairies’ was her own favourite book, and she had found Chapter Sixteen particularly exciting as well. “Try to be on time tomorrow, please Agatha”, she said. “And now, let’s leave reading aside for this lesson and concentrate on how to write the best notes for our humans we can…”

At the end of the lesson, Nancy and her students flew towards the door for morning break. “Agatha, do you want to come and play hopscotch?” asked a fairy named DJ. “Sure, I’ll be out in a sec!” replied Agatha, thinking to herself ‘I’ll just start Chapter Seventeen…’

Sure enough, at the end of the morning break, Nancy returned to her classroom to find Agatha sitting in the corner of the room, with her face hidden by the book.

“Agatha”, said Nancy, and the startled fairy’s face started to appear from behind the big blue book. “I think it’s excellent that you love reading so much, really I do. Although I teach writing, I always say reading is one of the best things any fairy can do. You learn so much about the Valley, this magical world of ours, and sometimes even about those very mysterious creatures known as humans! And we are lucky to be able to read - our butterfly friends don’t have arms and hands to hold books, after all.” Agatha nodded as Nancy continued.

“But Agatha, if you’re so engrossed in one thing all the time, you might find that you miss out on spending time with friends, or that you don’t notice important things happening around you”. Then, with a grin, she said “Like your alarm that helps you get to school on time, for example… I would never want you to stop reading, but perhaps you could give what I’ve said some thought?”

Agatha said “I promise I will! Thank you Nancy, see you tomorrow!” and flew to catch up with DJ to go to their next lesson, an idea forming in her mind.

Later that day, Agatha flew to a part of Fairy Valley where she knew she would find some of her butterfly friends, and sure enough, when she arrived she met Gordon, an orange butterfly, and Penelope, who was pink.

“Hi guys!” said Agatha, and they chatted for a short while. Then Agatha asked “So, I was wondering… would you like me to read you a story?”

“Oooh, yes please!” said Gordon. “We would love that, Agatha”, said Penelope.

Agatha grinned, nestled herself into a tree stump, opened her big blue book, and started to read.

Before long, other creatures like Fawna the unicorn and Agatha’s friend DJ gathered to listen to the story. Agatha was an excellent reader and discovered that she really enjoyed reading aloud and doing different voices for the characters, too.

At the end of the first chapter, all of the magical creatures pleaded with Agatha to read another one. “Okay”, said Agatha with a big smile, “But just one more. I have to get lots of sleep tonight so I’m on time for school in the morning! But we can all meet here again tomorrow if you like?!”

Everyone cheered, as Agatha started to read Chapter Two.

The next morning, Agatha’s eyes opened to hear two very familiar voices humming a beautiful tune. She looked out of her window and saw Gordon and Penelope outside.

“Thank you for waking me up, guys!” she said. “That is the loveliest alarm ever!”

“One good turn deserves another”, said Gordon. “See you later for Chapter Three! Have a great day!” added Penelope.

Not too long after that, Agatha graduated from Fairy School with flying colours and was placed with a human named Erin, who loves books just as much as she does - which of course makes sense, as every fairy is a perfect match for their human.

Penelope and Gordon the butterflies occasionally visit Agatha in her new home to listen to a new story and she regularly returns to Fairy Valley to say hello to Nancy and her other friends but nothing makes her happier than sitting on Erin’s pillow, reading some of her favourite books to her as she sleeps.

The End

Have you had any interesting dreams lately? That could be because your fairy is reading you a story! Maybe you could read a story into your fairy door very softly while they sleep in the daytime, so they can have fun, exciting dreams too!

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